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Sastra Prathibha Contest is an examination to make students more affinity towards pure science. It is a part of national level contest for students organizing in India called as Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM).


Children’s Science Congress is a celebration of practical science. It is an inclusive platformwhere young scientists use their scientific skills to address real problems.

Knowledge Fair

A KnowledgeFair is an event designed to showcase information about an organization or a topic. It can be organized in many ways using speakers, demonstrations, or more commonly, booths displaying information of interest to the attendance.

Teachers Empowerment

Teacher empowerment involves investing teachers with the right to participate in the determination of school goals and policies as informed by their professional judgment.

Igniting Mind

Leadership coaching and training for individual, team and organisational development.

Science Camp

Science camps allow kids to explore and learn science in a relaxed, informal environment. For older kids, science camp can be a way to confirm their interest in a specific field of science or a science-related career.


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